Relief distributions in Tikrit

Iraq: Tikrit, 24 July 2016

As military operations in west and north Iraq continue to evolve, families across the region have had no choice but to flee to safer areas. Tens of thousands had already been displaced by fighting in Al-Shirqat district, Saladin governorate. Iraqi Red Crescent Society estimate that 5,000 people were displaced from Al-Shirqat district, Saladin governorate, the first weeks of July alone. This latest wave of displacement adds to the tens of thousands of people who had already been displaced over the past 18 months.

Hundreds of families have fled to Tikrit, over 100 kilometres from Shirqat in search of refuge. Iraqi Red Crescent Society are providing assistance to these families in the form of much-needed water and food, including thousands of loaves of bread, as well as health and psychosocial support.

All images: Iraqi Red Crescent Society

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