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Migrants are people who leave or flee their homes to seek opportunities, protection or safer and better lives. The movement may be voluntary or forced, and both involve a combination of choices and constraints. Migration is a growing phenomenon that affects every country. There has been a dramatic rise in people attempting the crossing from North Africa to Europe, and thousands have died doing this since January. Similar tragedies have unfolded in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, but this is not confined to the journeys people make by sea; many are at risk as they make their way across land borders.



232 million

Estimated migrants in 2013


People around the world are migrants




People have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean since January 2014.


People have reached Italy and Greece this year.

1.59 million

Syrians had fled into Turkey by the end of 2014.


15.1 million

Estimated migrants in Africa in 2013


of the world’s migrants are in Africa

11.4 million

Internally displaced people across 22 countries.



Unaccompanied children crossing the Mexico-US border since 2013.


Families crossing the Mexico-US border since 2013.


Average number of people who die annually crossing the Mexico-US border.

Asia Pacific

9 million

People displaced in the region.

3.5 million

Live in vulnerable conditions outside camps.


People undertake sea crossings in 2014.

Middle East and North Africa

3.9 million

Syrians have found refuge in neighbouring countries.

2.6 million

People have been displaced in Iraq in recent months.

1.2 million

Syrian refugees are in Lebanon – an estimated 20% of the country’s population.


Walkie Talkie information service

The Walkie Talkie Information Service is a 20-minute audio program that provides relevant, timely, accurate humanitarian information for refugees in Greece in Arabic and Farsi. Select from the options below.

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+30 210 514 04 40

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