Protect humanity

Behind the statistics are thousands of lives

Stop indifference

Protecting people on the move is our collective responsibility

What would you do if your country became mired in conflict? If the only way to protect your family was to put them in danger, to put them on a boat in the middle of the night? What would you do if there was no way back?

Every day, thousands of people risk their lives in search of hope. The hope that, wherever their journey ends, it will be better and safer than the home they left behind.

In recent weeks at least 890 people have drowned attempting to cross the Mediterranean. Based on figures from the International Organization for Migration, these latest tragedies bringsthe death toll to over 2,800 since the beginning of the year, one third more than in the same period of last year.

Most of the time, there is no camera to capture these human tragedies, and so thousands of stories go untold, as if the story-tellers never existed.

On World Refugee Day, we invite you to join us, to help break the silence and stop indifference by sharing the stories of those who survived the crossing. Let’s make sure no life is forgotten.

#ProtectHumanity – Stop Indifference

Somalia, 2015 / © Aapo Huhta, Finnish Red Cross

From 10 am in the morning until late into the night, volunteer teams from the Zawiya branch of Libyan Red Crescent were on the beaches retrieving the bodies of people who died while trying to cross from North Africa to Europe.

Stats: Europe


Were drowned or recorded as missing in the Mediterranean

From January-June


People stranded on the borders in Greece

Since the borders closed


Of the stranded are women and children

45 per cent are men

Walkie Talkie information service

The Walkie Talkie Information Service is a 20-minute audio program that provides relevant, timely, accurate humanitarian information for refugees in Greece in Arabic and Farsi. Select from the options below.

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