The baker

Before Haiyan, baker Manuel Lalas, from Sebaste, Antique, used to work for someone else.

When he was selected, he decided to use his livelihood cash of $220 to set up his own business. He gets up very early in the morning to bake around 1,200 bread rolls and pastries, mixing the dough by hand and starting the fire in his home-made oven.

While his wife Marites takes care of their three children and runs a small sari sari (variety goods) store, he is busy all day. Once the baking is finished, he also goes down to the sea to catch fish, which he also sells.

“I like being my own boss,” he says. “It’s a busy life, but now I am saving to make more repairs to my house.

“My aim is to build a bigger oven and buy a mechanical mixer so I can produce more rolls, as they are very popular. I also sell them to some of the other stores in town.”

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