Noriel Elias: The Butcher

Noriel Elias and his wife Edita from Altavas, Aklan, have five young children. Before Typhoon Haiyan, Noriel was eking out a living as a rice labourer, but he also worked for his uncle as a meat processor.

After Haiyan, Red Cross livelihood cash enabled him to trade up his skills to set up a small goods store specialising in longganisa, Filipino-style pork sausages (similar to chorizo).

‘Using what my uncle taught me, I am learning how to manage cash flow and keep track of the business,’ he says. ‘I started making the sausages as a side business and because of demand I am now having them delivered to many towns nearby, as well as in the next province (Capiz). I’m saving to build my own stall up the road from here, which will be bigger and showcase more products.’

Noriel’s sundry store in Aklan is packed with different goods, from packed rice to vegetables. His sausages remain his bestseller. Photo by Kate Marshall / IFRC

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