November 2013

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Red Cross Red Crescent deploy 12 emergency response units to provide non-food relief supplies, mass sanitation, water treatment, basic health services, logistics services, and emergency telecommunications infrastructure.

10 November 2013

Red Cross Red Crescent Movement Response to Humanitarian Needs after Typhoon Haiyan, a joint statement between the Philippine Red Cross, IFRC and ICRC is signed.

11 November 2013

The Philippine government declares a state of national calamity and calls for international humanitarian assistance. The Inter-Agency Standing Committee categorizes Haiyan a level-3 disaster, requiring global mobilization and response.

November 2013

shel1ter cluster

Shelter Cluster is activated with the Government of Philippines as the lead and IFRC as the co-lead. The cluster coordinates the shelter response of more than 100 partners to work effectively and provide families with adequate and safe shelter.
Shelter Cluster Philippines

12–13 February 2014


A Movement-wide operational framework is agreed upon to ensure a single concerted approach among all partners to enable information-sharing, effective harmonization of activities and maintain overall quality and accountability.
Patrick Fuller/IFRC

15–17 July 2014


Starting from the island of Samar and northern Leyte and progressing to Metro
Manila, Typhoon Rammasun (Glenda) cuts a wide swath of destruction from eastern to southern Luzon.
Knud Falk/Danish Red Cross

8 November 2014

One year on, more than 145,000 households have received emergency shelter materials and 6,081 households core shelters. 91,200 households have received unconditional cash grants and 17,421 people provided with cash-for-work opportunities.
Patrick Fuller/IFRC

6 December 2014


Typhoon Hagupit (locally known as Ruby), the second most intense typhoon to hit the Philippines in 2014 sweeps over the same part of the country devastated by Typhoon Haiyan the year before.

May 2015

The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement has raised a total of 430 million Swiss francs in support of its relief and recovery efforts. The majority of the funds received are from the general public and corporates.
Nichola Jones/IFRC

May 2015


18 months on, 40,296 households have received shelter repair assistance and 13,157 families, core shelters. 21 medical facilities have been repaired and re-equipped. 7,728
volunteers and community members received training in disaster risk reduction.
Jenelle Eli/American Red Cross

8 November 2015

Red Cross Red Crescent has assisted 62,296 households with livelihood support and 1,510 youth with an opportunity to enroll in vocationalschools for skills and enterprise development.

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